Fatima was one of many sleepy shepherding and agricultural communities north of Lisbon until 1917, when apocalyptic visions and three prophecies were given by an apparition of the Virgin Mary to three young Portuguese shepherds.

The news of their prophecies spread quickly, and Fatima village has grown into a city. For almost one hundred years Fatima has been an important pilgrimage for Catholics who wish to connect with the place where over 70,000 faithful witnessed miracles related to the prophecies. Several recent Popes have acknowledged Our Lady of Fatima, and allowed for her veneration. Today, Fatima hosts the largest date-specific Christian Pilgrimages in the world. The Sanctuary shrines attract millions of Roman Catholics every year, when pilgrims crowd onto the country road that leads to Fatima on May 13 and October 13.

On this tour you will discover the three secret prophecies, how they were manifested and the controversy over the third and final prophecy which was released by the Vatican in 2000. We visit the house of Lucia Santos, the last and survivor of the three children, and the Sanctuary of Fatima, a large 20th century spiritual complex where pilgrims flock twice a year. Then we visit the Chapel of Apparitions, built at the site where the Fatima apparitions occurred. Before leaving we will spend time in the massive Church of the Most Holy Trinity, built in 1953 to facilitate the growing number of pilgrims in a simple modernist Basilica containing sacred art objects that were specially commissioned by artists from all over the world.

The tour includes time for a 1-hour lunch break at an authentic, local restaurant at the expense of each guest. Our guides are happy to make suggestions during the tour for a variety of restaurants that will meet your taste, budget and interests.


why do we use a dedicated driver and a separate guide?

We provide a luxury modern vehicle with heat and air conditioning, a driver, and an official guide who can take guests inside the monuments of Fatima. Unlike budget tour operators, our guides won’t leave you to wander the interior of the monuments on your own with no explanations of what you are seeing. Many budget tours of Fatima have the guide double duty as the driver. This is something we would never do, and you will have a dedicated driver for 3 reasons.


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starting at €489 total, not per person

8-hour private driving & walking tour     •     skip ticket lines     •    go inside the monuments     •     lunch in fatima     •     reservations required

where prophetic visions and modern architecture inspire the faithful



We are happy to make time for guests to attend masses, or to shop for religious souvenirs if requested.



Skip the ticket lines with an official tour guide.

Round-trip transfer in a luxury vehicle with a dedicated driver at all times.

Authorization to enter sights.

VAT tax.



85% level ground with few upstairs and inclines. 15% in vehicle. No elevators. Some cobblestones on tour route. Must be able to walk at casual pace for at least 30 minutes without resting.



Fatima sights are closed on January 1, April 25, May 13, October 13, December 24 - 25, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.



Hotel, apartment, or ship dock.

Meetings at hotels or apartments located outside of Lisbon can effect tour price because of fuel and time expenses.


         START TIMES

Tuesday to Sunday, year round.

Morning: 9:00am,  9:30am, or 10:00am

No additional start times available.


            TICKET FEES

Entry fees vary by season and age, but average a total of €3 per person for all the sights that we visit.



Ticket fees are additional.

Lunch is additional.

Audio headsets required  for parties of 12 or  more. Price €3.00 per person.

major highlights

important details


Sanctuary of Fatima: Complex of holy sights.

Our Lady of Fatima Basilica: The site of the largest pilgrimage in the Christian world

      today. Known as Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Church of the Most Holy Trinity: The mega-modernist meeting point for Fatima’s faithful.

Chapel of the Apparitions: The location of the visions and prophecies.

House of Lucia Santos: Home of the charismatic storyteller, singer and prophet.

• Scenic Drive: Through Portugal's rural central regions.

Beware of budget tours

We use authorized guides, and you will skip ticket lines. Many budget tour operators do not take their guests inside the monuments, because they do not have authorization as guides, and they cannot skip the ticket lines. They will simply park outside and wait while guests wonder the inside the sights on their own.

January 1

April 25

May 13

October 13, December 24 and 25

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Mass schedule:

For a schedule of masses and times in Fatima please click here.

1. We don't want guests to wait for a guide to find a parking place before they lead guests inside the monuments. Parking

     can be hectic and there are often waits during the high season.

2. We don’t want our licensed and insured drivers to be distracted by conversation. Because Portugal has the highest

     accident fatality ratio per capita in the EU. It is very important that we keep our guests safe on the narrow roads, while

     our guides explain the sights, culture and landscape.

3. We encourage guests to bring windbreakers and umbrellas, because the temps can vary dramatically from Lisbon,

     and the climate can change very quickly bringing rain, winds, and fog. We like our guests to have the convenience of

     leaving their unused personal items, like packs, coats, or umbrellas inside of the vehicle with the driver monitoring it

     all times. Vehicle burglaries are common in the parking lots of monuments in Portugal.


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