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Paris Sight Seeker’s Delight in France offers unique and fun tours of the most interesting areas of Paris! Their tours have the perfect balance of important historical facts, juicy and intriguing stories about the city and those who lived here, and comedy to keep you laughing and engaged the entire tour.

Hi This is Barcelona... in Spain have tours that break from tradition; aside from seeing the well-known sights and learning the history, avoid the typical tourist routes to find the city’s hidden corners and secret gems that have taken their guides years to discover.

Vienna Explorer in Austria has a selection of stress-free tours which include walking tours, bike tours, and Segway tours, all guaranteed to entertain and educate guests of every age. All of their experienced guides are individually chosen for their engaging personalities and unique ability to blend history and storytelling.

London City Walks in the UK offers guided walks through the City of London and Westminster. Your guides are Pete Smith and Frances Spackman. Both are former university teachers and qualified and experienced City of London guides. Their unique approach to tours stimulate curiosity and deeper insights into the rich history of London and Westminster.

Icon Tours is a group of scholars who are exceptionally talented at sharing the treasures of Rome and other parts of Italy. They bring ancient Rome and its centuries of art alive in truly amazing, historic and relevant detail with unique itineraries by passionate guides with excellent English language abilities.


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