starting at €504 total, not per person

•  8-hour private driving & walking tour     

•  skip ticket lines     

•  our guides take you inside the monuments

•  reservations required

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alfama quarter

castelo de S. jorge


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popularity ★★★★★

explore the most rustic, ancient and mysterious region of portugal

Evora is the capitol of the largest, and most scenic of Portugal’s regions. On our way form Lisbon you will pass over the breathtaking Vasco da Gama Bridge, spanning 17 kilometers across the Tejo River. On the other side awaits the Alentejo region, famous for its gentle rolling hills of wheat and wild flowers, dotted with majestic cork oak trees, vineyards, and sheep grazing in unfenced pastures. This region also boasts some of the most exotic birds of Europe, which migrate from North Africa in the spring.

Discover one of the greatest mysteries of the Prehistoric World. Numerous neolithic stone structures known as Dolmans and Cromlechs scattered about the fields, dating from the 6th millennium BC, making these monolithic constructions nearly 2000 years older than Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. The mysterious and enormous stones with their relief carvings were likely used used for burial ceremonies, and many of the stone circles have perfect celestial alignments.

At the UNESCO protected village of Evora, and capital of the Alentejo Region we walk the well-preserved historic center. Evora was an important junction for routes that sustained the Roman Empire, with Julius Caesar naming it Liberalitas Julia (Julian Generosity). The present character of the city was defined by Moorish influence which reigned for over 400 years, and produced some of the most notable poets, statesmen and scientists of that period. In the 14th Evora experienced a revival under the several Portuguese kings, and became a major centre for the humanities, attracting notable artists, composers and playwrights from all over Europe for centuries.

Today, Evora hosts fascinating monuments, which include a 2nd century Roman temple, the 16th century Chapel of the Bones which is decorated from floor to ceiling with carefully arranged bones and skulls of over 5000, monks and residents. During our visit you will also explore important cathedrals and estates of former kings and nobles who enjoyed Evora as a country retreat.

The tour includes time for a 1-hour lunch break at an authentic, local restaurant at the expense of each guest. Our guides are happy to make suggestions during the tour for a variety of restaurants that will meet your taste, budget and interests.


why do we use a dedicated driver and a separate guide?

We provide a luxury modern vehicle with heat and air conditioning, a driver, and an official guide who can take guests inside the monuments of Evora. Unlike budget tour operators, our guides won’t leave you to wander the interior of the sights on your own with no explanations of what you are seeing. Many budget tours of Evora have the guide double duty as the driver. This is something we would never do, and you will have a dedicated driver for 3 reasons.

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popularity ★★★★★

1. We don't want guests to wait for a guide to find a parking place before they lead guests inside the monuments.

     Parking can be hectic and there are often waits during the high season.

2. We don’t want our licensed and insured drivers to be distracted by conversation. Because Portugal has the highest

     accident fatality ratio per capita in the EU. It is very important that we keep our guests safe on the narrow mountain

     coastal roads, while our guides explain the sights, culture and landscape.

3. The weather conditions in the Atlantic mountains makes a very unpredictable micro-climate. The temps can

     change very quickly with rain, wind, fog, or hail. We like our guests to have the convenience of leaving their unused

     personal items, packs, coats, or umbrellas inside of the vehicle with the driver monitoring it all times. Vehicle

     burglaries are common in the parking lots of monuments in Portugal.

eternal evora


evora village

mysterious megaliths

roman ruins

wine country

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We are happy to make sure guests have an opportunity to visit Evora's famous Pastelaria Conventual Pão De Ral, or to stop at a wine tasting room if this is requested.


Skip the ticket lines with an official tour guide.

Round-trip transfer in a luxury vehicle with a dedicated driver at all times.

Authorization to enter sights.

VAT tax.



80% level ground with few upstairs and inclines. 20% in vehicle. No elevators. Cobblestones and unpaved paths on tour route. Must be able to walk at casual pace for at least 1-hour without resting.



Wear comfortable athletic shoes. Bring windbreakers or umbrellas.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.



Hotel, apartment, or ship dock.

Meetings at hotels or apartments located outside of Lisbon can effect tour price because of fuel and time expenses.


         START TIMES

7-days a week, year round.

Morning: 9:00am,  9:30am, or 10:00am

No additional start times available.


            TICKET FEES

Entry fees vary by season and age, but average a total of €8 per person for all the sights that we visit.

major highlights

important details


Evora Center: Praca do Giraldo, burnings & beheadings, today hosts fountains and cafes.

Chapel of the Bones: A macabre chapel decorated with human skeletons.

Se Cathedral of Evora: Birthplace of the regions hypnotic polyphonic singing style.

Church S. Francisco: Gothic, Moorish, Manueline, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Roman Temple: A 2nd century Roman Temple likely dedicated to Diana.

The Almendres Cromlech megaliths at Senhora de Guadalupe: A mysterious celestial

  observatory of prehistory.

Beware of budget tours

We use authorized guides, and you will skip ticket lines. Many budget tour operators do not take their guests inside the monuments, because they do not have authorization as guides, and they cannot skip the ticket lines. They will simply park outside and wait while guests wonder the inside the sights on their own.


January 1

Easter Sunday

December 25 and 31



Ticket fees are additional.

Lunch is additional.

Audio headsets when required for parties of 12 or more. Headsets are €3.00 per person.

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