your meeting point for edward VII park at the flag pole

HOTLINE PHONE: Lost or cannot find your guide?:

From a US or Canadian based phone:

Step 1: Dial 011 From a mobile phone while in Europe dial 00, or simply insert a + instead (by holding the 0 key)

Step 2: Dial 351 (Portuguese country code)

Step 3: Dial 969.219.059 (International rates may apply)

From a Portugal based phone:

Dial: 969.219.059

The meeting point address: Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira, 1070-044 Lisboa

I have arranged for your guide to meet you outside, at the flagpole under the large Portuguese flag, located at the top of the EdwardVII Park in Lisbon. Look for your Lisbon Explorer Guide holding a BLUE FOLDER and a Lisbon Explorer ID.

NOTE: Sometimes the Portuguese flag is not flying, but your guide will still be waiting for you at the flagpole.


GPS:  38.730907, -9.154919