starting at €416 total, not per person

•  8-hour private driving & walking tour     

•  skip ticket lines     

•  our guides take you inside the monuments

•  reservations required

the grandeur of sintra in one day

This full-day tour explores four spectacular palaces and the Sintra Village with time for a 1-hour lunch break in the Sintra village. Discover the mystical hilltops of this UNESCO world heritage site with our unique driving and walking tour. Sintra offers fairytale palaces and castles that have attracted eccentric and esoteric personalities since ancient times. Once the place of cult worship by Romans who built a temple dedicated to Cynthia, the moon goddess, it has since inspired wealthy families, writers, religious orders such as the Franciscans and the Hieronymites, and a myriad of occult groups who’ve found it an ideal paradise to commune with the natural and spiritual worlds. Today, the gardens and opulent palaces are a surreal mixture of history and fantasy for the curious to explore.

The Pena Palace Estate spreads over 200 hectares of mountainous terrain, but we focus our time inside of Pena Palace. Learn how the Palace, was created through the dreams of “The Artist King”, Dom Fernando II, sparing no expense in the creation of his colorful castle. The architect was Baron von Eschwege who worked with the king's visions to reinvent the abandoned ruins of a monastery into something that would rival the Castles of Bavaria. The result is an architectural offspring of many styles including Moorish, Gothic and Portuguese Manueline mixed with the Wagnerian designs of the Schinkel Castles of Central Europe. It is fanciful to an extreme, and there are oddities that need to be explained inside.

The National Palace began with Portugal's first dynasties, and over the centuries monarchs have rebuilt, expanded and redecorated, combining various artistic styles which reflect the tastes of the kings who lived here. As a result there are different names to the various rooms, like the Sala dos Cisnes (Swans’ Room), and the Sala das Pegas (Magpie). Some of the chambers are lined with decorative tiles (azulejos) ranging from the Spanish-Moorish styles brought by King Dom Manuel I, to the typical blue-and-white tiles of the 17th century. The most striking feature of the palace is the two 33 meters high conical chimneys of the kitchen which has become the symbol of Sintra.

The Queluz Palace was the official royal residence during the 18th century where queen Dona Maria I was forced to live after her husband Dom Pedro III died. Overtaken by grief and insanity her condition worsened with the death of her son 2-years later. She was kept away from public in a palace that has been described as the "Little Versailles of Portugal”. This fascinating location often overlooked by tourists, has exquisite Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical architectural styles, with gardens inspired by popular French designs of the time. Hidden behind the austere facades, Queluz is the most opulent of all Sintra’s palaces. Decorated with gilt gold carvings, mirrors frescoes, antiques and paintings that will transport you back to the Age of Revolution and the later Belle Époque when ladies in magnificent dresses gentlemen with white and grey wigs would gather in the spectacular ballrooms. Today, Presidents and Prime Ministers often visit Queluz for banquets with dignitaries.

The Quinta da Regaleira gardens becomes the focus of our attention with an extensive and enigmatic network of man made tunnels, festooned with symbols relating to alchemy, Masonry, the Knights Templar. The tunnels connect to grottoes, a chapel, an underground waterfall-lake, caves and a 27-meter well with a spiral staircase leading underground to recreate Dante's inferno. The estate once attracted the wealthy and elite from all over Europe. With one of our scholars we unravel the mysteries of the Quinta da Regaleira.

The Sintra Village is a charming medieval hamlet which today is lined with shops selling handmade artisanal items from all over Portugal. The village offers a commanding view of the Sintra Valley, National Palace and Moorish Castle. If time permits guests can visit the Piriquita Cafe to enjoy Travesseiros, a local phyllo-pastry filled with warm almond paste.


why do we use a dedicated driver and a separate guide?

We provide a luxury modern vehicle with heat and air conditioning, a driver, and an official guide who can take guests inside the palaces of Sintra. Unlike budget tour operators, our guides won’t leave you to wander the interior of the vast palaces on your own with no explanations of what you are seeing. Many budget tours of Sintra have the guide double duty as the driver. This is something we would never do, and you will have a dedicated driver for 3 reasons.

illuminated city



secret societies


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major highlights

important details


Pena Palace: A dream-based palace built by D. Fernando II, “The Artist King”.

Queluz Palace: The "Little Versailles of Portugal” is the most stunning of all Sintra’s palaces.

The Sintra National Palace: The iconic palace of Sintra, a dizzying labyrinth of architectural

   styles spaning 900 years.

Quinta da Regaleira: An enigmatic estate with mysterious symbols related to alchemy,

  Masonry, the Knights Templar, and the Rosicrucians.

Historic Sintra Village: A magical village and testimony of Portuguese history. A for capital of

  Romantic Era writers for the breathtaking landscapes.

Serra Mountains of Sintra: Discover the beautiful landscape as we traverse the hills.

Time for a 1-hour lunch break: At an authentic local restaurant or cafe suggested by guide.

Optional tasting of Ginjinha: A cherry liquor of Portugal, and a stop at the famous Cafe

  Periquita for a Sintra Travesseiro pastry, (puff pastry filled with almond paste).

Beware of budget tours

We will always pre-purchase tickets as soon as a tour is confirmed. This will allow us to skip the ticket lines. The pre-purchased tickets are nonrefundable.

Many budget tour operators do not take their guests inside the palaces of Sintra, because they do not have authorization to speak inside as guides, and they cannot skip the ticket lines. They will simply park outside and wait while guests to stand in line to get tickets and then wander the inside of the palaces and gardens on their own.


January 1

December 25 and 31

*We are happy to offer this tour on Sundays, but please be aware of some shop closures in Sintra's historic village.

The village of Sintra is very small and the shops are not a major part of the tour. However, for those who plan to visit shops and cafes of Sintra, Sundays are not advisable tour days.

1. We don't want our guests to wait for a guide to find a parking place before they lead guests inside the palaces. Parking

     in Sintra can be hectic and there are often waits during the high season.

2. We don’t want our licensed and insured drivers to be distracted by conversations with guests. Because Portugal has

     the highest accident fatality ratio per capita in the EU, it is very important that we keep our guests safe on the narrow

     mountain roads of Sintra, while our guides explain the sights, culture and landscape.

3. The weather conditions in the Atlantic mountain, micro-climate of Sintra are very unpredictable, we encourage guests

     to bring windbreakers and umbrellas, because the temps can vary dramatically from Lisbon, and the climate can

     change very quickly bringing rain, winds, fog, or even hail. We like our guests to have the convenience of leaving their

     unused personal items, like packs, coats, or umbrellas inside of the vehicle with the driver monitoring it all times.

     Vehicle burglaries are common in the parking lots of monuments in Portugal.


A tasting of Ginjinha, a cherry liquor of Portugal.

A stop at the famous Cafe Periquita for a Sintra Travesseiro pastry, (puff pastry filled with egg cream and almond paste).


Skip the ticket lines with an official tour guide.

Round-trip transfer in a luxury vehicle with a dedicated driver at all times.

Authorization to enter sights.

VAT tax.



90% downhill and stairs with upstairs and inclines. 10% in vehicle.  No elevators available. Some cobblestones and unpaved paths on tour route. Must be able to walk for 1-hour without resting.



Wear comfortable athletic shoes. Bring windbreakers or umbrellas.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.



Hotel, apartment, or ship dock.

Meetings at hotels or apartments located outside of Lisbon can effect tour price because of fuel and time expenses.


         START TIMES

7-days a week, year round.

Morning: 8:45am only

There are no later start times because crowds become unruly around the late-morning hours.


            TICKET FEES

Entry fees vary by season and age, but average a total of €40 per adult for all the sights we visit. There are senior and student ticket discounts as you enter. Children under 6 years have no ticket fee.



Ticket fees are additional.

Audio headsets when required in palaces for parties of 6 more more. Price €1.50 per person.

Lunch, food and beverages.

sintra full-day


pena palace

queluz palace

national palace

sintra village

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